SCL World Challenge 2018,  Goa, India Venue: Baga Beach,Goa, India Date: 1st & 2nd December 2018 Day 1:   90kg  105kg 120kg  Open Class LOG PRESS REP 60 sec. 100Kg  120Kg  130kg  140KG FRAME CARRY 15 METER  200kg  220kg 240Kg 280KG Weights For Heights ( 5 Object Kettellbells/ Bag) 5 Meter 10,12,14,16,18kg 12,14,16,18,20kg. 12,14,16,18,20kg 14,16,18,...[Read More]

Strongman India League hosted at Miramar over the weekend, presented by Vinsan World with Strongman India. The event, a first of it’s kind in the state saw some amazing show of strength challenge games for men’s category and women’s category. Epaper Link:

Strongman India League , 27th May, 2018 Goa Venue: Miramar Beach, Panjim, Goa Come witness the biggest show of strength. For the first time in Goa! Vinsan World presents, with Strongman India, the ‘Strongman India League’, for the first time in Goa. The Strongman India league is the biggest strength challenge known internationally and is now making a massive impact in Goa. Come and witness th...[Read More]

Strongman India League, Delhi 11th March, 2018 Discipline and weights details..   Men Dicipline Women Dicipline: Log lift Rep… Log Press ………. 75kg…. 70kg 65kg…. 30kg 90kg…. 80Kg 80kg…. 40kg 105kg…. 90Kg. Open …50kg Open….100Kg.       Husafell Stone (15 meter) Husafell stone( 10meter) 75kg ….60kg. 65kg ̷...[Read More]

Result: Women 65kg Class: Priyanka Vaishya 1st Nupur Singh Rathore 2nd Women 80kg Class: Isha Singh 1st Daya Sharma 2nd Men 75kg Class: Sitendu Bikas 1st Rajveer Sigh 2nd Sayak Sarkar 3rd Men 90kg Class: Md. Faizan Reza 1st Ayan Sen 2nd Sumit Sharma 3rd Baidyanath 4th Sayandeep Munshi 5th Men 105kg Class: Abhishek Koruri 1st Shyam Sunder Paul 2nd Refree: Mr. Ratan Basak Mr. Ashis Jain

National Loglift and Axle Deadlift in Bhopal 29th October 2017 Presented by Strongman India & Challenge Barbell In Association with M.P.Strongman Photo Gallery :National Loglift and Axle Deadlift in Bhopal 29th October 2017 Download Result